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Rama Mustard & Food Products Limited

Rama Group was founded way back in 1978 by Late Lala Dhani Ram and his son Shri Bali Ram. Lala Dhani Ram was a well known personality of Western U.P. (India) and was known as father of Gur & Khandsari in Western UP. Later on the group diversified itself into Food Processing industry. Presently the group is being headed by Shri Bali Ram and managing the following ventures. 1. Rama Agro & Food Product

Company engaged into manufacturing and exporting of Wheat, Gram, & Corn products. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 and is a HACCP Certified unit. The products being manufactured us carries brand ‘RAAMA BHOJ’ which has gained a reputation in the market. The company has a turnover of US$ 8.00 Million 2. Rama Mustard & Food Products Limited

This Company is into manufacturing of MUSTARD OIL (Kachi Ghani) & Mustard Oil Cake. This company is also ISO & HACCP Certified unit. The Company has a turnover of USD 2.00 Million 3. Shri Sharda Gur Khandsari Udyog 4. Sri Durga Khandsari Udyog

These two Khandsari Units are engaged into manufacturing of Gur (Jaggery), Open Pan Sugar (Khandsari) & Molasses and are also producing Sugar Products like Sugar Powder (Sugar Bura ), Candy , Mishri , Sugar Illachi Dana .