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West India Exports Pvt. Ltd.

West India Exports Pvt. Ltd., formed in 2005 as a Private Limited company, specialises in sourcing, processing and marketing of Food and Agro commodities in India and around the world. West India Exports own well established and reputed brands like Bowman SaltTM, Sun SaltTM, Aroha SpicesTM, Green Tree Agri ProductsTM, WinMigraTM, BanFeverTM, Back2youthTM, AcidGoTM that are being regularly exported to leading chain of stores in Oceania, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the USA. Employing a staff of over forty people; we are committed to supplying high quality food, agricultural and ayurvedic products to our customers. We have grown from the original single processing facility to include three locations, one in Gujarat, specializing in Salt and Raw Spices, one in MP focused on growing and processing of Grains and Jaggery and one in Kerala which deals in Raw spices. Besides packing in our own brands; we also do packaging of private label.