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Home Brown International Co., Ltd.

Starting with importing Japanese Organic food since year 2002, we were deeply touched by Japanese Organic and Macrobiotic Diet regimen and understood its spirit over the years.

Macrobiotic Diet advocate to have natural and pure supplement dietary. Suggesting choosing food that is less processed and avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods and most animal products.

After reviewing the processing of using GMO ingredient, the pesticide, preservatives & artificial flavorings… those additives for maintaining and increase the usefulness of processed food, the risk damaging health results in GMO ingredients and above artificial additives was found. So the newly Macrobiotic diet regimen is created and emphasizes locally grown, pure and organic foods for body balance.

As the difficulty obtaining the pure and natural food from Japan and consider the short shelf life of original Japan food plus the , HOME BROWN team starts to develop natural and organic food in local Taiwan.

At beginning, focus on the natural grains powders for whole family members and until now, HOME BROWN has 5 series, Grains Powders, Natural Nuts and Dried Fruits, Natural Ingredients, Organic Grains and Taiwan Specialty, which can fulfill whole dietary requirements for all.