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CARE Naturkost GmbH & Co. KG

Our organic sugar originates from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Paraguay and Costa Rica. We import the following kinds:

Raw cane sugar, golden light This sugar is distinguished by its golden yellow colour (5-700 lcumsa) and is easily packable.

Raw cane sugar, extra light The colour of this sugar is almost white (approx. Icumsa 300 ). Its low molasses content and resulting neutral flavour means that this sugar is used particularly in the processing industry.

Whole cane sugar Our whole cane sugar comes from Costa Rica, with even granulation and colour. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that this cane sugar syrup is produced with great care so that its acrylamide value is kept as low as possible.

Demerara sugar Our demerara from Paraguay is bronze and coarse-grained. This sugar is easily packable.

It goes without saying that all of our sugars are unsulphurated! In addition to being certified by the EU organic certification, our sugar has also been approved by the US organic standards NOP. All sugars are kosher.

We also use Argentinean honey and sugar cane molasses as sweeteners.