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Shri Cane Fresh Beverages Pvt. Ltd

Cane Fresh is committed to supplying healthy and nutritional alternatives to its consumers. While Cane Juice is the first of its initiatives, the company has now started supplying evaporated cane sugar and unrefined sugar (jaggery) at our parlours.

Sugarcane juice has been a popular beverage around the world ever since man began to cultivate sugarcane on a large scale. Sugarcane juice has been consumed in its raw form, long before it was processed to make sugar. With time, and with progress made on the Food Technology front, the health benefits of sugarcane juice have been increasingly recognized. Today, sugarcane juice is considered as a ‘wonder food’, with significant impact on one’s health and fitness.

Recognizing the immense value of this drink, Cane Fresh Beverages was started, with an aim to popularize this drink. The founders of the company have been associated with the Food and Beverages Industry for around 30 years. Although sugarcane as a product offering has become popular only in the last four years, Cane Fresh Beverages has been offering this since day one of the company. We are recognized as a pioneer in the sugarcane juice and allied products - industry, and have received several awards on this account.

Our USP lies in the way we process the cane to extract juice. Right from the time the cane is cultivated, harvested, and right through its warehousing and transportation, up to storage and crushing, every step is done with a fanatical devotion to hygiene and nutrition, and using the latest techniques. Further, once the juice is extracted, the remnant stalk is disposed off in an eco-friendly way, and is used to produce animal feed, fuel and manure.

In short, not only has Cane Fresh Beverages been giving a boost to the movement for healthy and organic food, but we have also been one of the pioneers of sustainable agriculture, in India.