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Sweet Gold Jaggery Agro

Sweet Gold Jaggery Agro is the renowned Manufacturer & Exporter of Jaggery in India. We are into the manufacturing of Jaggery since last 40 years and have become the reliable Jaggery Exporter to the international clients. The Kolhapuri Jaggery sweetness & taste is famous all over the world. The quality of our Jaggery is good because of the tropical climate, nature of land, richness of soil and pure water of the Kolhapur district.

Our company has its own land in Kolhapur, and we apply special program for cultivation of sugarcane. Only desi (traditional) sugarcane varieties are used by us in the manufacture of Jaggery. Using infection-free sugarcane, we produce jaggery & confectionery products in our own well-equipped factory. Automated production ensures purity of our Jaggery by retaining the natural taste.

Established in the year 2008, Sweet Gold Jaggery Agro is playing an important role in making Indian Jaggery famous across the world. Based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, the company Manufactures and Exports Kolhapuri Jaggery, Organic Jaggery, Liquid Jaggery and Sugarcane Syrup in different quantities. Made with extreme care, our Jaggery is known for their natural flavor and sweetness. The dynamic leadership of Mr. Vijay Tanaji Lad and his vision of making Indian Jaggery famous worldwide has made us highly recognizable in the global market.

Resources With our own sugarcane plantation fields and expert cultivators, we are able to produce natural Jaggery from healthy sugarcane crops. The Jaggery is processed in well-equipped manufacturing unit and stored in well-ventilated warehouses to avoid any chance of contamination.