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Code of Hygienic Conditions for Sale of Sugarcane Juice

This Indian Standard was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 23 July 1976, after the draft finalized by the Food Hygiene, Sampling and Analysis Sectional Committee had been approved by the Agricultural and Food Products Division Counci]. It has ...

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Commodity Classification - Sub-div 131 - Sugar, Molasses, Khandsari, Gur

Industrial official classification of jaggery and gur in India

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Draft “Regulation on Labelling (Claims)” - India

FSSAI has prepared the Draft “Regulation on Labelling (Claims)”. These are being circulated/placed on website for wider consultation/ and soliciting suggestions

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India 1995 - Rescindment of gur control order

The Central Government hearby rescinds the Gur (control) Order of 1994

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India 1997 - Gur control order

No person other than a licensed dealer shall carry on the business of purchase and sale of gur

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Indian Food Code - Food Categorization System

Cross-reference of FSSA standardized foods with Food Category system (List of Standardised food mapped to Indian Food Code) - 2.8.4 - Gur or Jaggery - 11.2

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Indian Standard - Cane gur (Jaggery) - Specification

This Indian Standard was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on 28 February 1990, after the draft finalized by the Sugar Industry Sectional Committee had been approved by the Food and Agriculture Division Council. Cane GIIR is prepared from ...

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Jaggery grading and marking rules

(1) These rules may be called the Jaggery Grading and Marking Rules, 2008. (2) They shall apply to Jaggery obtained from Sugarcane, Palmyra palm, Date palm or Coconut palm. (3) They shall come into force on the date of their ...

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