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Fortification of sugar cubes

Method for preparing sugar cubes comprising the step of adding a sugar pre-form consisting of crystal sugar particles comprising a sugar core which is coated with a mixture of one or more polysaccharides and/or one or more oligosaccharides said ...

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Method of inhibiting coloring of a syrup-like sweetener containing a nonreducing oligosaccharide having a -fructosofuranoside bond and a reducing sugar, and use thereof

The objects of the present invention are to provide a method for inhibiting the coloration of a syrupy sweetener, comprising a reducing saccharide together with a non-reducing oligosaccharide having a β-fructofuranosidic linkage, without deteriorating the taste inherent to the syrupy ...

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Natural preservatives and antimicrobial agents - EU

The invention relates to preservatives and antimicrobial agents comprising extracts derived from sugar cane

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Process for producing sugar directly from sugarcane

Refined sugar is produced directly from sugarcane without using conventional refining processes. Clarification of extracted cane juice is obtained either by ultra-centrifugation or ultra-filtration, and removal of certain compounds responsible for adverse color quality and viscosity is effected through a ...

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