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Obtención de extractos de plantas mucilaginosas para la clarificación de jugos de caña

Panela agroindustry plays an important role in the economic development of Ecuador. After the harvest of sugarcane, is holding a series of stages in the factory for sugarcane and other derivative products. In these stages of the most important to ensure the quality of the final product, in terms of texture, color, taste and other properties is the clarification. The cane juice clarification is not coagulate sugars by heating at very close to the boiling temperature and by addition of a clarifying agent. Within these agents and to replace chemicals in Colombia and Ecuador have been used mucilaginous plants. In the study for tests in the juice clarification, extracts of 14 plant species with mucilaginous characteristics were used. The mucilaginous solution is extracted using the solution 100 g material / L of water (100 g /L ) and 100 g /1,5 L of water (66,66 g / L ) , incorporated by 6 % in juice when juice reaches 90 °C. The results of the extracts were evaluated by measuring the viscosity and density thereof, and in the clarification of juices by turbidity, it is observed during experimentation in juice clarification low turbidity values and adequate in most plants, but especially in six of them, Yausa, Cadillo, Yausabara, Falso Joaquin, Snow and Pink Malva

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