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Clarificación del jugo de caña mediante el empleo de plantas mucilaginosas

The research is done to incorporate mucilaginous solutions in juice clarification, as a change alternative, in the Ecuador sugarcane agroindustry. The quality of the final product is mainly determined by the clarification process natural. Four plant species in a study of 14 mucilaginous plants are used as primary clarifiers agents: Yausabara (Pavonia sepium A. St-Hil), yausa (Abutilon insigne Planch) Cadillo black (Triumfetta lappula L) and False Joaquin (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), which yielded better results as clarifying agents. Experimentally three factors such as solution concentration, amount of solution added to the juice and incorporation temperature on two levels, taking turbidity as the response variable for the four plants are tested. The results showed that the temperature, concentration and incorporation mucilaginous solution, affecting juice clarification, where the best results are achieved (Yausabara and Yausa) and combinations of these to a lesser extent, giving clear bright juices

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