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Diseño, simulación y emulación de una planta de producción de panela

In the last years it has been seen a vertiginous development of technology, as well as an infiltration of it in many human activities. This has allowed procedures that before were made by men in a deficient way, to be now executed automatically by the combination of electronic, electrical and mechanical devices; giving as result a significant improvement of procedure’s efficiency. Within the agro-industrial field, there exists a process that has not been much influenced by this tendency: the process of production of panela. The following article describes which ways it is currently being made and describes an automatization proposal; being based on the so employed electronic devices: the microcontroller jointly with the computer. Moreover, it specifies the basic characteristics of the elements that are going to be used to implement the system, such as sensors, alarms, valves and pump, in addition to various considerations that should be taken into account for a high-quality performance

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