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Estudio de factibilidad para el montaje de una planta productora y comercializadora de panela en el Municipio de Armenia, Antioquia

This Project was developed following the structure of a feasibility study applied to the creation of a Panela production system. This study was elaborated based on a set of stages which begin with identifying the project itself, establishing the potential demand, and the marketing strategies. Afterwards, it is determined the production capacity and the most suitable place for the installment of both the production plant and the crops. Following, the technical conditions for the production of Panela are established; likewise, it is designed the administrative unit model which will be in charge of the correct functioning of the enterprise. From this point on, it is identified the magnitude of the necessary outlays and the origin of the resources to carry out the project. Finally, the indicators that helped to evaluate the financial feasibility of the project are found

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