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Análisis de factibilidad de un proyecto productivo que utilice el bagazo de caña panelera como materia prima para la producción de bioetanol y papel

This paper analyses the Colombian productive sector of Non Centrifuged Sugar (Panela). Besides, the viability of implementing a productive proyect, which be able to transform the subproducts of the NCS production process into new products like bioethanol or paper. In that way, the objective is to close the production cycle and develop new alternatives of work in the region. In order to develop this work, a field of study was performed with 15 trapiches located in Cundinamarca. By doing this, it was found that the subproducts are used like fuel inside the production. Furthermore, information about paper and ethanol production was searched. Then the information was analyzed by looking for Bagazo´s energetic capacity, the production cost and the environmental impact. The objective was to analyze the implementation of a new infrastructure of production. Finally, after analyzing the results, the conclusion was that it is more efficient to use the bagazo, like fuel in NCS production.

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