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Demanda de panela en Canadá y las estrategias de comercialización desde la Parroquia de Maldonado

The research presents a study of the demand for brown sugar in Canada and marketing strategies required to enter that market, was proposed as an alternative to reduce the problems of competitiveness as brown sugar producers of the parroquia of Maldonado, Carchi province, to help improve their income and quality of life of the population. Brown sugar is high nutritional edulcorarte used as additive in beverages and food processing and medicine especially in developed countries to promote health care. The objective is to determine the commercial potential of exports to the Canadian market with an affluent population that seeks a healthy diet, it is necessary to know the potential demand, consumer characteristics, access requirements, economic and financial feasibility. A study investigating market brown sugar producers Maldonado through primary sources and through secondary sources such as official government pages of Canada, books, documents, that allowed establishing access requirements and the definition of strategies used to raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of brown sugar making international distribution and propose alternatives for investment in infrastructure, technology, training and implementation of good manufacturing practices in the production process, so as to ensure an exportable under conditions sanitary and phytosanitary suitable for the chosen market

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