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Canais de distribuição de açúcar mascavo numa associação de produtores

The Visconde de Rio Branco families are producing brown sugar because of their traditions; however, they need to strengthen its distribution market. The principal objective of this research study is to evaluate the different distribution forms for the brown sugar industry by the ARPRAM (Associação Riobranquense de Produtores de Rapadura, Açúcar Mascavo, Aguardente e Melado), identifying the inherent principal attributes, the facilities and difficulties, and, in this way, proposing alternatives to achieve more efficiency in this process. This research was exploratory and descriptive in the methodological procedures. The adopted techniques were bibliographic research and case studies. We interviewed the president of ARPRAM and 28 representatives of the wholesale and retail market. Finally, it was possible to identify the current channels used in the distribution of this product and the requirement of each mediator. Based on this information, it is concluded that the principal distribution channels of brown sugar, used by the ARPRAM, are through mediators as well as local small markets through direct sales. The principal approach to accept this product is the quality, the price, the color, the delivery dependability, and the available volume. A possible threat for ARPRAM is the existence of great distributors in the market of the wholesale section, forming their own production units. Therefore, the Association should strengthen their associates’ united work, the organization of its administration, and the standardization of this product

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