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Estimation of glucose in sugarcane juice, jaggery and sugar

Sugarcane juice is a natural product which can be used as beverage because it contains sucrose, glucose, fructose, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and micronutrients which are essential for human growth. Juices are characterized by high acidity and glucose; high humidity and rainfall till late in growing season here leave a short period favourable for maturation of crop. Higher glucose, organic non-sugars and total nitrogen in juice were reported to be associated with poor quality of gur. Under high N application, interaction of higher levels of glucose in juice with soluble N compounds or alkali salts in juice results in dark pigmentation of jaggery. Boiling of juice from the immature cane, having high glucose and soluble nitrogen resulted in a production of soft, dark coloured jaggery with poor keeping quality as a result of interaction of glucose with amino acids. Eight methods are presented in this paper. A rapid and accurate method may be identified for estimation of glucose in juice, jaggery and sugar. That method can be used to estimate glucose in blood in medical field

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