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Medición experimental de la magnitud de las fuerzas reactivas en los apoyos de las mazas del molino panelero APOLO 5

The panela production in Colombia is an activity for thousands of farmers in which base their economy and sustenance and in which technology takes decades without any type of technological advance in machinery and different stages of production process in the same one. Specifically the machinery used for the extraction of cane juice is based on technology of more than 100 years with few efforts for its improvement, maybe due to ignorance of the implied variables in the extraction process and its influence on forces and stresses that are generated on mill cureñas, which makes difficult the improvement of these from the point of view of form, materials and dimensions. This work shows the experimental development for measurement of reactive forces in supports of mace shafts in Panelero mill - Apolo 5. This includes the correct selection of measurement points in mill, the election of measurement technique and design of devices for measurement, as well as the procedure to follow for mill instrumentation. The obtained results allow to identifying the cureñas zone and shafts where the forces are maximum

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