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Economia da rapadura

The present work deals with the brown sugar economy in the Northeast of the country, with the primary objective review of the relevant literature to the topic approaching from the production of sugar cane to market the finished product. Specifically, study the origin, history and manufacturing process of the product, to study the properties of brown sugar and nutritional value; know the supply chain and production system of the brown sugar in the Brazilian Northeast. The cottage processing of sugar cane is an activity of great economic and social importance for the families of small farmers in the Northeast region, where manufacturing of brown sugar is part of the culture of the Northeast and is an activity undertaken by a large number of small producers holiday in all states of the region. The molasses, its composition, is a food of high nutritional value that replaces the crystal or refined sugar with great advantages, in terms of its high content of minerals, is indicated for school meals, dessert and used as in the preparation of various dishes as part of the basic diet in some states. The methodological procedures of the study consisted of surveying existing titles and authors in the literature as well as in the selection of the best studies on the subject, aiming to provide a theoretical foundation to work

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