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Instrumentación electrónica, aplicada en el proceso de producción de panela, enfocada a microempresarios

The instrument ation of the process of production of the unrefined sugar has as aim incorporate new elements into the process of production of this product, propitiating decrease in the cost of production and increase in the earnings. To improve the process of manufact ure, there was implemented a microcontroller which function is to allow the step of the ju ices by means of electro - valves, between the large frying pans of boiling, avoiding this way the manipulation on the part of the workmen, which generates delays for being a step that is realized generally by means of dippers in manual form. The visualization of temperature joins by means of a screen LCD, which was indicating the individual temperature of every fund , with which one seeks to control the temperature adapted in every step of the process. With light and sonorous sources that we re acting as alarms, the people at the expense of the oven will know in what moment they will have to add or not the catch fire. At present we find that the great majority of the establishments dedicated to the production of unrefined sugar don’t have a lot of technological inversion suitable in vestment for which his functionality is almost handcrafted with what they see affected his performance, besides the extra charges generated by the wrong manufacture they do that the business is of low profitability for the producers. The incorporation of technology and suitable methods of manufacture of economic form proposed by this project, offers to the producers a substantial improvement in the times of production of the product, besides saving in the quantity of material of combustion used in the oven and helping to improve the quality conditions of the final product provided that in many regions there are in use additional fuels (rims, fuel wood, etc.) that contaminate the product, affecting his quality

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