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Evaluación y optimización de la etapa de batido en el proceso de elaboración de panela granulada en la empresa agroindustrial panelera “LA GARDENIA” del Cantón Antonio Ante Provincia de Imbabura

Churning is the critical stage in the development of natural sugar because this is where you place the sugar crystallization, and if left unchecked this stage are obtained objective lylow natural sugar yield. At the stage of physical exertion beaten by operators that produce natural sugar, is excessive, it is for this reason that the investigation is optimized plotting temperatures, speed and mixing time in a prototype industrial mixer, which allowed markedly reduce the mixing time by 75%. To measure statistically the study variables were tested twelve treatments plus a control treatment that was not was beaten in the industrial mixer prototype but by hand, these treatments were repeated three times over three days, respectively. For statistical analysis we used design of randomized complete block with a factorial arrangement TVt+1, where the "T" represents the temperature, the factor "V" represents the speed factor and beaten "t" represents the mixing time. Quantitative variables analyzed at the end of the whipping stage were retained in mass percentage 5mm mesh openings, 3 mm and 1mm, and the percentage obtained as a final product and as final product mixture in the retentate+mesh opening 1mm. Qualitative variables analyzed in the final product were the color, aroma, flavor and more acceptable grain

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