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Estadarización de una fórmula de aglutinante natural extraido de la planta Cadillo (Triumfetta láppulal) para emplearse como clarificante en la producción de panela

In the southwest region of Colombia, the panela manufacturing processes are still very artisanal and have no standardized formulas to ensure reproducibility in their products. Among the steps below to clear the board uses the burdock (Triumfetta láppulal), taking the fact that the extraction is carried out using river water. This led us to design a procedure, a laboratory scale, to achieve a standard formula for obtaining the extract from burdock (Triumfetta láppulal) and its strength as fining agent in the production of panelal. For each of the trials took 100 ml water (river, distilled water and heated), with a different formulation of bark burdock 4 months old and full bloom; The binder was prepared by soaking the bark macerated in water burdock 4 replicates for each test could thus measure the parameters of pH, ° Brix, temperature, density from zero time from the beginning of immersion, 24 hours and 48 hours thinly. Following this the tests were submitted by the spectophotmetric method to see the level of absorbance of the binder and turbidity in the samples. For each trial, three replicates were compared to the absolute control (water) to increase the reliability of the data. After 24 hours began to see the first changes in the measured parameters, meaning clearer extraction time for the respective evaluations took 100 ml of cane juice to a temperature of about 80 ° C, adding 4.31 ml of binder formulation getting 20 different assessment tests and showing that the formulation had the greatest effect was the 1:7 ratio in drinking water

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