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Equipo automático para empacar panela pulverizada en stick pack

The results of the research project whose product is an automatic team introduces a pack powdered panela. The prototype three-way packaging Stick Pack of pulverized panela, dose, fill, seal and cut bags Pillow (Stick Pack) from a biorented coil. The automatic control of the packing process is performed like using the PLC XBM DR16A, which monitors variables and controls dosage, time, sealing temperature, roller speed, volume and pressure of the pneumatic system. Additionally, the prototype has a Human Machine Interface HMI touch panel MT6070IH to register the system operating conditions, monitoring of process variables and control. The prototype at maximum operation, will reach a yield of 180 packages per minute stick pack, equivalent to 60 kg / hour by the package type Stick Pack of pulverized panela it will be able, to compete with alternatives other than traditional marketing, ensuring product quality and a more stable market with better prices, more easily reach the commercial sector and the various social strata

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