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Plan de promoción y exportación de panela orgánica granulada a través de la Oficina Comercial de Italia para la “Asociación de Mujeres Productivas de Suncamal” mediante la formación, asistencia y asesoría técnica en el período 2013-2016

According to article 283 of the current Constitution of the Ecuador´s Republic, the country's economic system is constituted by economic organizations such as public, private, mixed, popular and solidarity; for this reason, the actors of popular and solidarity economy are defined as associative groups covered in the sumak Kawsay (Good Living), the Organic Law of People's Solidarity Economy; and through the fulfillment of the purposes of the Organic Code of Production, Trade and Investment. It stays the change of the productive matrix and diversification of actors in international trade; therefore, the present study aims to establish a plan to promotion and exportation of organic whole cane sugar from the productive women´s association of Suncamal. This is an organization, which has an agro industrial product of one of the 14 sectors prioritized by the National Secretary of Planning and Development. In order to reach the internationalization of the organic whole cane sugar, the Suncamal Association intends to maintain the good life, the common welfare, the importance of labor over the capital, without neglecting social development and the relationship with the criteria of fair trade, for progress in the area of influence. The production and marketing study global, national and business are the reference to define the best export certification process, logistics marketing and promotion, in order to relate them to the application of a SWOT analysis and applied it on the Export Audit; as a road map, to follow through the implementation of the proposed strategies

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