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Análisis del impacto ambiental y del desarrollo humano y social, producto del procesamiento de la caña panelera en las veredas Salen, Idolos y Betania del Municipio Isnos Departamento del Huila

The panela producer communities in Colombia, occupy in great measure, good part of the agricultural production of the country, being the sector panelero a central axis of the rural economy of the small and medium producer. Along the years, the generacionals customs, in the production level of this element of the family basket of many Colombians, have maintained effective in many aspects. In the present study analyzes the environmental impact and social and human development of the sugarcane processing communities of sidewalks Salen, Idols and Bethany Isnos Township in southern Huila Department, identifying lines of action to be followed by communities mentioned heart of human and social development while preserving the environment of these areas, since most of the smallholder sector still remain inadequate processing techniques for sustainable development in line with adequate social and human development

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