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Estudio de prefactibilidad para la instalación de una planta de procesamiento de panela granulada y su comercialización para la Asociación de Paneleros perteneciente a la Parroquia Facundo Vela Cantón Guaranda Provincia de Bolivar

This project's main objective is the creation of a small business dedicated to the production and marketing of granulated sugar, the same to be composed of the members of the Association of Sail Facundo sugarcane growers in the Province of Bolivar The development of the study consists of six chapters, the first and second is the thesis plan development and socio-economic diagnosis of the Parish, the third and fourth refers to market research which analyzes the supply, demand, demand unsatisfied and presenting a marketing proposal, the fifth and sixth is about the pre-feasibility study which analyzes the location, engineering, costs and financial evaluation of the project and determine the findings and recommendations of the study. The financial study of the project determines that the total investment is $ 56,718.16 the same as to be financed, 20% with input from partners and 80% external financing. Besides the evaluation indicators VAN, TIR and B / C determines that the project is profitable

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