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Estudio de factibilidad para la implementación de una planta procesadora de caña de azúcar y producción de mascarilla de panela como producto natural hidratante....

The feasibility study for the implementation of a processing plant sugar cane to produce panela for face mask brand “Miracle City” is a project which is focused on the use of products that are harvested in our City. Sugarcane is one of the products that are sold in the Miracle City because of its high percentage of vitamins and calories have a great example of Ingenio Valdez plant which processes sugar for white sugar, brown sugar and derivatives. Today is very important to care for the face is undergoing various changes that our ozone layer and what better than a natural guard against using products containing regenerators as is the Panela which is obtained after processing the cane sugar and having gone through the necessary production processes. It is vital to be careful as there are countless diseases that are affecting the skin and that is why we are presenting this proposal. Creating a processing plant to produce sugar cane panela mask in our City Miracle is also an alternative for development because it will Milagreños job opportunities to many people who are qualified to be members of it

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