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Physical and chemical properties of granulated cane sugar “panelas”

“Panela” is a natural sweetener obtained by concentrating sugar cane juice and handmade in small factories. In the study carried out, the physical and chemical properties of two commercial brands of artisanal granulated panelas and of one made on an experimental level were determined. Three lots of each sample were analyzed. The parameters measured were moisture, aw, protein, ash, minerals, reducing sugars, sucrose, pH, color (L, a and b), insoluble solids (IS), transmittance a 720 nm and filterability. In addition, a qualitative test to detect sulphur dioxide was performed. The parameters with higher variability were moisture (1.66-4.36 g.100 g–1), aw (0.51-0.69), reducing sugars (4.58‑11.48 g.100 g–1), pH (5.58-6.90), and color. Potassium was the most abundant mineral (229.52-1027.18 mg.100 g–1). An inverse relationship between IS and transmittance at 720 nm (R2 = 0.96) and a direct relationship between IS and ash (R2 = 0.94) were found. The sulphur dioxide test was negative for all the samples

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