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Comparative economics of organic and inorganic jaggery preparation in Mandya district

The study was undertaken in Mandya district of Karnataka during the year 2010-2011. Based on the primary data obtained from 30 processors and 64 consumers each of organic and inorganic jaggery was elicited through survey method. The result revealed that average investment of Rs. 933255 and Rs. 988081 were required to set up organic and inorganic jaggery processing unit with a capacity of nine quintals per day. The average per quintal cost of inorganic jaggery preparation was more (Rs. 2392.24) when compared to organic jaggery units (Rs. 2187.00). Per quintal income from organic jaggery was found to be higher (Rs. 3450.84) than that of inorganic jaggery (Rs. 2990.47). Net return in organic jaggery was higher than inorganic jaggery at Rs. 1411.40 and Rs. 725.50 per quintal, with B:C ratio of 1.41 and 1.11, respectively

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