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Performance of animal operated sugarcane crushers

The performance of animal operated KVIC and ASDA sugarcane crushers was evaluated and compared with the traditional sugarcane crushers. The results revealed that the average juice extraction rate was 6.0-7.1% higher as compared to traditional Kirloskar´s Kumar crusher. Juice extraction varied with the cane varieties and was higher for varieties having lower fibre content. The increase in juice extraction was significant with recycling of crushed cane as compared to without recycling in KVIC crushers. In ATDA design crusher, the juice extraction increased significantly with 4th roller in comparison to without 4th roller. There was non-significant difference in the juice extraction by the KVIC crusher with recycling and ATDA crusher with 4th roller. However, there was significant increase in juice extraction in ATDA crusher with the 4th roller as compared to KVIC crusher without recycling of crushed cane

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