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Hornillas paneleras Ward-CIMPA - Validación de los modelos matemáticos de diseño

To facilitate the design of paneleros-burners, in 2004, Corpoica and UIS proposed a mathematical model for design of the combustion chamber. Later this model was validated, with quantitative experimental research job, in the framework of the project “Development of Models the paneleros-burners of high thermal effciency and low environmental impact”, executed by Corpoica and UIS and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This job was conducted with a representative sample commercial of burners Ward-CIMPA, operating in the Suárez river basin, and improved the model, through adjust of set correlations for the excess air and the amount unburned material. Thus the adjusted model, predicts the design parameters of the combustion chambers with a confidence level of 95%, where new operating parameters are: period feeding bagasse 150 s, air supplied 315 to 321 kmol air /kg dry bagasse and air excess 58% to 61%

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