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Dietary Guidelines for Indians – A Manual

The first edition of 'Dietary Guidelines' was published in 1998, and since then tremendous changes have taken place in India. The economic transition has changed the way people live. Changing lifestyles of people both in rural and urban areas are seen to transform the very structure of our society at a rapid pace today. The shift from traditional to 'modern' foods, changing cooking practices, increased intake of processed and ready-to-eat foods, intensive marketing of junk foods and 'health' beverages have affected people's perception of foods as well as their dietary behaviour. Irrational preference for energy-dense foods and those with high sugar and salt content pose a serious health risk to the people, especially children. The increasing number of overweight and obese people in the community and the resulting burden of chronic non-communicable diseases necessitates systematic nutrition educational interventions on a massive scale. There is a need for adoption of healthy dietary guidelines along with strong emphasis on regular physical exercise. Today, the multiple sources of health and nutrition related information tend to create unnecessary confusion among people. This book makes an attempt to inform us on matters of everyday nutrition in a user friendly manner and thus, aims to influence our dietary behaviour. These guidelines deal with nutritional requirements of people during all stages of their life, right from infancy to old age. We earnestly hope that readers will enjoy reading the book and benefit from it and also spread the valuable information among those around them.

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