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Extracción y secado de floculantes naturales usados en la clarificación de jugos de caña

The clarificaction of cane juice is made by the addition of vegetable mucilage. The onjective was to evaluate the clarificaction of three hatural flocculants (balso, cadillo and guásimo) in cane juice. The physiochemical properties and insoluble tetiention were characterized versu a synthetic flocculant (polyacrylmide). Mucilage was obtained by pulping in distilled water, dried at 38oC for 11 hours and reduced to a particle size of 212 um. The best clarification was obtained at a 0.003% w/v. Cadillo showed the greatest efficiency, with 93,6%, followed by balso with 90,4 and guacimo with 89,7%, compared to 100% of control samples. The content of calcium and phosphates in the natural flocculants is correlated with better performance

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