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Evaluación mediante indicadores productivos y energéticos de tres módulos de producción de panela granulada

Jaggery production in Peru has great potential for industrial development due to the many benefits this product has. But in order this product reaches its truly potential, is necessary to have an energy efficient production process. The following study is oriented to develop and validate a methodology for determining production and energy indicators (sustainability indicators) of the jaggery's productive chain in the existing furnace on Piura highlands (Perú). Parameters measurements were made in situ (three modules sugarcane), which will allow full productive and energy characterization, of the jaggery production modules of Piura highlands. Such information will provide a diagnosis, of energy efficiency and sustainable production. The indicators assessed in this work give actual information about bagasse consumption, the overall efficiency, self-sufficiency and gas emissions. With this information is possible to propose viable alternatives that would lead to lower production costs, increasing production volumes, reducing environmental impact and improve jaggery quality. These improvements increase the profits of producers

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