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Comparative analysis of sugarcane processing technologies for environmental impact and energy efficiency

An evaluation of the energy performance and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of front end (preparation and extraction) and boiling house process (evaporation, crystallization, curing and drying) equipment of a sugarcane factory has been carried out and is presented. Different technologies have been compared and have highlighted that technologies supplied by Fives Cail give significant energy advantages. Compared with conventional technologies, Fives Cail’s In-line Shredder (cane preparation), Millmax® (milling), continuous vacuum pans (compared with batch pans) and 5 effect falling film evaporators (compared with 5 effect rising evaporators) showed decrease in energy consumption by 16%, 37%, 10% and 3%, respectively, and thereby making available additional 11 kWh per tonne cane for export and revenue generation. Energy efficient technologies lead to reduced GHG emissions and GHG emissions for the manufacture and end-of-life disposal of sugar processing equipment are very small compared to those generated during operation of the equipment

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