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Shelflife enhancement of sugarcane juice

Preservation of sugarcane juice was examined to reduce the spoilage and to increase the shelf life of the juice using chemical preservatives. The preservation of the juice was carried out using Potassium Meta bi sulphite (KMS), spices and mild heat treatment at different combinations under refrigeration temperature. The result revealed that good quality beverage from sugarcane juice of variety Cos 767 with satisfactory storage stability of 60 days at refrigeration could be prepared from heat treated juice at 75 oC for 10 min after addition of 3.0 ml lemon as flavor enhancer and source of citric acid (anti oxidant) and 1.0 gm salt as flavoring compound, 0.6 ml ginger as flavor enhancer per 100 ml of sugarcane juice. Potassium Meta bi sulfite (KMS) addition at the rate of 225 ppm was found to be the best anti microbial agent. The lemon was able to lower the pH of sugarcane juice to 3.01 which gave a preservative action and inhibit the growth of micro-organisms during storage. Potassium Meta bi sulphite is also a known yeast and mold inhibitor and is being used widely for the preservation of foods

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