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Techno-economic analysis of jaggery production in Maharashtra

Farmers look forward to institutes like IIT to bring about changes in present technologies for jaggery production. Through survey and visits to different unit in Maharashtra we have realised the importance of technological development in this field. The potential for development in this field is immense. We can start with bringing smaller changes in process which will help the producers to give better product at cheaper price. The importance of jaggery and jaggery industries has already been highlighted. Our final aim should be to bring complete automation in the jaggery industry. In short duration however we should think of developing the present process. With some alterations suggested we can make the producers happy and provide better quality product to consumer. We have also identified areas for entrepreneurship. Increasing efficiency will help to save bagasse. This bagasse could then be used to make bio-mass briquettes. The market for low cost fuel is very large and this could serve as additional income source to farmers. We have discussed the feasibility of such and ecosystem in other report

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