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Diversified products of sugarcane juice - Helpful in fetching higher price in the market

Sugarcane is the main source of sugar, jaggery and khandsari and holds prominent position as a cash crop. It occupies 1.8% of the total cropped area in the country. Sugarcane plays an important role in agricultural and industrial economy of the country. At present, nearly 40% of the sugarcane produced in the country is used for jaggery/khandsari production. The varieties suitable for this purpose should possess high sucrose content, low reducing sugar, low ash content, less phenolics, less polysaccharides and chlorophyll content in juice. Although India has emerged as a largest sugar producing country of the world, but sugar industry of Uttar Pradesh which contributes a large share to total sugar production of the country has become sick due to high prices of cane and lowest decline in market prices. About 18 sugar mills have been closed in the state during last 3 years. Therefore, it is imperative for the sugarcane growers to rely on other alternative value addition and processing in other forms. Apart from traditional jaggery, solid jaggery can be prepared in attractive shape and sizes such as bricks and cubes. Jaggery in other forms like granular jaggery and liquid jiggery, can also be prepared. Value addition in other products of sugarcane juice live jaggery chocolate, vinegar, gazak, reori, chikki and ramdana can also be prepared. As value addition in these forms fetch higher prices in the market and has great export potential in global market, the sugarcane growers can increased their incomes.

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