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Análisis de viabilidad de empresa productora, comercializadora y exportadora de panela

The Project: “Viability Analysis in the Productive Enterprise, that exports and trades with the Panela” was created to promote and to help with the life status in a town in our country, the fertile soil and the excellent weather was a primordial factor for the production of the Cuban cane and the white is for the elaboration of the delicious Panela. The project is supported in four principal bases, the excellent location for the production, the increasing demand of ecological products, a vast market of consumers with the wish to consume products made in their country and the desire of the Suncamal town inhabitants of getting a better life status. The European Union is the biggest region when trading and producing ecological products, and for this reason we have thought to introduce the Panela in Spain, having like main target the Ecuadorian inhabitants who live in this country with the future possibility of catching that market. The analysis and the marketing research were made in every variable; the technical and the financial analysis with the lowest cost and the worst scenery the VAN reaches a positive point and this make the project attractive for the investors.

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