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Diversion of sugarcane to jaggery-gur & khandasari units in UP in 2012-13

Jaggery/Gur production in India is about 7-10 million tons (mt) per annum, while its per capita consumption is about 5 kg. In the last two decades, the consumption of Jaggery/Gur has fallen significantly by almost half of what it was consumed two decades back. Jaggery/Gur in Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest among other states and contributes about >40% in total Jaggery/Gur production. There are about 22,000-23,000 Jaggery/Gur units along with 43- 45 Khandsari units which have commenced operation in Uttar Pradesh during 2012-13 crushing season. The average capacity of Jaggery/Gur units is about 10 tcd (tonne per day), while Khandsari average capacity is about 350 to 400 tcd. In 2012-13, Jaggery/Gur and Khandsari put together would estimate to crush about 50 to 55 mt of cane. This year UP is estimated to produce 140 mt of sugarcane and out of this about 85-88 mt sugarcane is available to sugar mills for producing sugar during 2012-13. ISMA in its initial estimates for UP has projected 79 lac tons of sugar to be produced in 2012-13 crushing season

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