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Jaggery marketing expert system using decision tree

This paper is aimed at providing services regarding the Jaggery marketing. The concept of Jaggery Marketing plays an influential role in the lives of people, because most of them use Jaggery for their rations. In India, leaving out a few metropolitan cities, all the districts and industrial townships are connected with Jaggery markets. Due to the social and backward condition of the rural people, the personal selling effort requires the special measures in rural marketing. The Jaggery Marketing Expert System maintains details about the current prices of a particular item, updates information whenever necessary, delete an item if it is not in use and also various marketing information. This system is developed using ID3 decision tree algorithm. It provides an interface to the users and asking a set of questions to the users. Based on the response the system evaluates and computes the availability, price and season to the end-user

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