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Efecto de tres condiciones de almacenamiento sobre la estabilidad y tiempo de vida útil de la panela granulada

Samples of granulated panela, manufactured at plant A and at artisanal unit of association of panela producers B, were stored for 90 days, at normal conditions (26 oC/50% RH), accelerated (32oC/75% HR)) and extreme conditions (38oC/100% HR). The variables evaluated every 15 days were: water activity, humidity content, count of mold and yeasts, pH and color. Using simple regression the best fit curves of the variables against time were selected. The Arrhenius model was used to determine the cinetics of degradation and the effect of temperature on stability of panela. Most of the variables analized showed significant variations (p <0,05) by effects, as by origin of the samples

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