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Determinación de la humedad de equilibrio en panela

The aim of the present research was to establish the best environmental conditions related to the storage, over a long period of time, for panela (unrefined brown sugar blocks). In order to define those conditions, it was necessary to determine equilibrium moisture curves related to a range of temperature between 130C and 340C, and a relative humidity range between 60% and 90%, which covers the environmental conditions of many panela's production regions. A linear regression analysis was applied to obtain a multi-variable equation which allows the definition of equilibrium moisture curves, mentioned above. Actual panela's moisture content (8% to 10% on wet basis), allows its storage onlv, for a short time under temperature and relative humidity ranges normally founded in production regions. In order to prolong it, storage room environmental conditions must be adjusted to obtain an equilibrium moisture content of 7% maximum

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