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Determinación de algunas propiedades físicas y mecánicas de la panela granulada

The characterization of the mechanical, nutricional and organoleptical properties of granulated panela, a new presentation of panela, is important for the adaptation of processes and equipment so to significantly increase foord formulations and industrial processes that use this prime material and to recommend usage to final consumers. The objective of the present research was to determine the most important physical and mechanical properties of granulated panela. The mean results were: Humidity: 2,33 % (p/w); Real density: 1,48 g/cm3 ; Apparent density: 0,67 g/cm3 ; Porosity: 0,54 (dec); Mean diameter of particles: 0,97 mm; Angle of repose: 47o; Color: the five predominant colors were yellow, yellow ocre; cooper; toasted ocre; sienna and mineral orange

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