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A study of jaggery marketing in Kolhapur District

In India, sugarcane is an important cash crop for sugar and allied industries related to its by-products and agro based industries like power, ethanol, fertilizers fungicides, etc. Out of many by-products, jaggery occupies an important place. Jaggery making and marketing in India continues to be the larger agriculture-based occupation inspite, of the phenomenal increase in the production and consumption of white sugar. About 40 per cent of the sugarcane produced in India, is utilised for the production of jaggery. Jaggery is made mostly by small and marginal farmers who employ semi-skilled persons. In India, jaggery manufacturing is considered as a big cottage industry under unorganised sector. As far as jaggery marketing is concerned direct sale of jaggery to the ultimate consumer by the producer is not possible. The reason behind this is the places of production and consumption are widely scattered. Therefore, the role of middlemen becomes significant. Also, Agricultural Market Committee plays a vital role in marketing of agricultural goods. It becomes necessary to identify and understand the role of producers, middlemen and agricultural market committee in the development of jaggery industry in Kolhapur

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