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Open-pan sulphitation sugar processing

Open-pan sulphitation (OPS) is a smallscale sugar processing technology developed in India in the 1950s for the production of whim crystal sugar. The technology is ideally suited to processing between 100 and 500 tonnes of sugar cane per day yielding 50 to 80kg of sugar per tonne of cane. Unlike large-scale sugar factories (processing over 1000 tonnes of cane per day) OPS plants do not usually have their own estates to supply cane but rely instead on contractual agreements with local growers. This level of technology can be beneficial to rural communities by creating employment opportunities at the factory, and providing income for cane growers in the area. Since the introduction of the technology, large numbers of OPS sugar plants have been built throughout India, with estimates of several thousand still in use by the late 1980s. Dissemination of the technology outside India has been limited to one successful OPS sugar factory in western Kenya. However, the potential for OPS is considerable in countries that produce non-crystalline sugars (jaggery, gur, panela, muscovado etc) as they already have some of the necessary expertise

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