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Automatic jaggery making machine

In this era of automation, world evolves around machines. Agricultural field too is under this lime light of automation. Jaggery is one of the principal agricultural products. In recent days, Jaggery making is done manually which is more time consuming and tiresome work. Due to less heat dissipation, jaggery making becomes difficult in present days. This automatic mechanism increases the production rate and decreases man power requirement. This process makes jaggery more hygienic. The automatic tilting of the pan is done with the help of pneumatic control and the semi solid fluid is then transferred to the mould for cooling. Once the standby time is over another pneumatic control opens the mould for the finished jaggery to be taken out. The objective is to benefit the rural economy and thereby increase the production rate. Adaptation of such new ideas in agriculture would enhance the present scenario and make India compete globally

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