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Improvement of the fabrication and testing of a sugarcane juice extractor for the cottage industry

Over the years, sugarcane production in Nigeria has been championed by small-scale farmer who end up terminating the juice extraction at the consumption level using the teeth to bite off the rind and chewing on the internal tissue to suck up the juice. To boost the production of sugarcane and its products, Dr. Ukatu A. C. (Late) and Mr. Soetan A. C., created a sugarcane juice extraction machine fabricated and constructed in the Agricultural Engineering department of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. This juice extraction machine, constructed over two year ago, has a juice extraction efficiency of 70 – 77% and a rate of juice extraction of 60 –65%. To this end, the required improvement and modification for the machine is to be carried out in the course of this project work. This includes the maintenance and cleaning of the machine parts, identification of the required improvements, casing of the machine operating chamber for the juice extraction, painting and aesthetic improvement, and testing the machine performance. To achieve this, the appropriate materials were purchased from a Gate market in the city of Ibadan, Oyo state, while the sugarcane specimens of the Saccharum officinarum species, were purchased from Eleweran market, Abeokuta, Ogun state. The purchased materials for the machine improvement work were fashioned into the required form and installed, while the purchased sugarcane was used in testing the improved machine. Finally, aside the obvious upgrade in the aesthetics of the machine, the improved sugarcane juice extraction machine for the cottage industry was tested and the extraction efficiency was obtained as a range of 65% – 76%, while the rate of juice extraction is 56.19kg/hr.

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