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Sistema Agroalimentario Localizado de trapiches paneleros en Santander de Quilichao, Departamento del Cauca, Colombia

Localized Agro-alimentary System of Trapiches Paneleros (panela producing mills) in the municipio of Santander de Quilichao, Department of Cauca - Colombia. In the Municipio of Santander de Quilichao, department of Cauca, Colombia, there is a concentration of trapiches paneleros, approximately 50 units, with different types of technological level (agroenterprises producing from 15 kg/hour to 70 kg/hour) with social structured networks and a collective formally incipient action. The development of this activity (production of panela) arises in the 40’s, at this time some farmers were interested to implement and to develop in the zone some techniques that they had seen in other regions of the country (like, the Cauca Valley). Nevertheless, this technology was quite precarious and just manual. By the 60’s the vertical mills of animal traction appeared and at the beginning of the 70’s the horizontal mills of motor traction (gas, acpm); this was a true technological revolution. Finally, in the 90’s and at the beginning of this century most of the trapiches are mechanical (although, there are some of animal traction still). In this zone the transmission of know-doing has been mainly familiar, of grandparents to parents and, later, to the children; just in few occasions has appeared between paneleros. In the last decade, the ONG of the zones have participated actively in this process of technology transference constituting itself in many cases channels of communication.

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