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Moisture absorption isotherms of jaggery

Equilibrium moisture contents of jaggery were determined for the absorption process at 293, 303, 313, and 323 K and at six levels of relative humidity (approximately 30, 45, 60, 75, 80, and 90%) using a static desiccator technique. The equilibrium moisture content increased with an increase in temperature as well as relative humidity. Hygroscopicity of jaggery increased with temperature and absorption isotherms were sigmoidal in shape. Six, two-parameter isotherm equations were examined for their applicability to the experimental data. Out of these Smith's equation gave the best fit. The constants of Smith's equation were found to be temperature dependent, the dependence being described by an Arrhenius type relationship. Isoteric heat for the absorption process ranged from 36.65 × 103 to 49.79 × 103 kJ/kmol K

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