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Uso de la resina vinil ester en el recubrimiento de tanques prelimpiadores en la agroindustria de la panela

On the benefit of the sugar cane for the production of panela, there had been achievements on technological developments that have contributed in the improvement of final products such as: mills, pre-cleaners of juice, clearness, furnaces, pans and moulding. Nevertheless, in precleaning there is a persistent problem in the covering of the used tanks, mortar enamel tiles and majolica, showed low resistance to corrosion of the juice or guarapo made manifest deficiencies in the tank, cracks, peeling of coating, difficulty to perform the tank clean, escapes of juice and finally contamination of the same one. The solution to the problems exposed, must be resistant to chemical attack from monolithic application and submit a uniform non-porous surface. The best solution is pull down the infrastructure existent and install precleaners tanks built in stainless steel, solution really accord for new buildings with high demand of economic resources. Another solution is make better the infrastructure existent, always it meets the technical parameters and to apply synthetic resin of ester vinyl as final covering of juice’s pre-cleaner tanks of sugarmills, at a cheaper cost and in compliance with the parameters of the institutions of control and surveillance in food processing plants. This product was proved in two sugar-mills in Gomez Plata’s town (Antioquia, Colombia). It was analyzed three samples for each tank, recollected in the first, second and third grindings, to be evaluated in the spectrophotometer, and there were no evidence of the presence of resin traces. Of note is the finish of surface tank with tarpaulins termination waterrepellent, that make it easy to wash, not suitable for the spread of pollutant agents. When evaluating their use in such difficult conditions such as sugarcane agro-industry, it can ensure that its use in other sectors is guaranteed

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